Fallon Communications exists to help your business or nonprofit speak a language that resonates.

Strategic Planning
Do your business goals and targets accurately reflect what you need to do to achieve success and growth? Are your internal and external communications truly driving these short- and long-term business goals and your company brand? We can help you lock in plans with specific tactics and targets that deliver results.

Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility
Consumers are increasingly concerned with how companies are approaching the issues of environmental, social and economic responsibility. Learn more about how we can” green” your corporate image by developing and driving a solid approach to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

eHealth Communications
“eHealth”  is  rapidly becoming a part of the “e” lexicon, including eCommerce, eSolutions, etc. Simply put, eHealth harnesses the power of the Internet and other technologies to safely capture, protect, access and share health information. The aim of eHealth is to enable optimal care for patients while protecting the privacy and security of individual health information. We help healthcare organizations define and resolve the many communication challenges posed by the evolution of eHealth. Learn more.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
Which individuals and groups impact your business and how are you working with them to build preference? From community relations to stakeholder surveys, eNewsletters and other targeted communications, we can help you to build and maintain that all-important bond.

Employee Communications and Training
A motivated, well-informed workforce is central to business success. We have years of experience implementing internal communications and training programs that help ensure your employees are always your best asset.

Media Relations
Telling your story in a way that results in solid coverage over time is a central business challenge. PR strategy and planning, media training, by-lined article placement and media relations are all core competencies of Fallon Communications.

Regulatory Documentation and Communications
All businesses have to deal with applicable state, federal and industry-related regulations.  We specialize in developing internal procedural documentation and external communications that are regulatory compliant.

Disaster Management and Recovery
Crisis comes in many forms. We can help your company develop an approach that minimizes the chance of disaster and ensures fast response if an event does occur. This includes adopting the golden rule of crisis communications: tell the truth, tell it all, and tell it quickly.

Writing Services
Clear, concise, yet creative writing is at the core of powerful communications. We provide a wide range of writing services, including short- and long-range communications plans, business plans, submitted articles, case studies, ISO 14001, HIPAA and other regulatory program documentation, disaster management and recovery program documentation, customer and employee print and eNewsletters, video script development, website copy writing – you name it!