Your ability to cut through today’s communications clutter can be your greatest challenge and most promising opportunity.

Fallon Communications, LLC exists to help your business speak a language that resonates.

It’s our job to understand your industry, your business, your competition and your audiences. We help you develop business goals and targets, then track and report your progress. We also help develop and drive communication, documentation and training programs that realize  your business and organizational objectives.  Whether you’re targeting customers, prospects, employees or members of the print or digital press, we have the talent and skill needed to help you plan, craft, and deliver internal and external communications that are clear, consistent, and influential.

Project by project, or single-source for all of your communications needs.

With decades of know-how and a network of professionals to draw upon as needed, we’re equipped to handle individual projects or to act as a virtual communications team for your ongoing business needs. Whether your company is part of the Fortune 500 or just starting out, we have the expertise to help you grow your brand and manage your message.

We tackle a variety of business, communication and training challenges including:

  • Planning and tracking business goals and targets
  • Communications strategy, planning, and implementation
  • Employee communications and training
  • Human Resource projects and documentation
  • Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and projects
  • Other environmental (“green”) communications
  • eHealth communications, documentation, and training
  • Regulatory-compliant programs, documents and communications (e.g., ISO, HIPAA)
  • Disaster management and recovery planning, documentation and training
  • Stakeholder and community relations projects and programs
  • Customer relationship marketing
  • Media planning and spokesperson training
  • Submitted article writing and placement
  • Other research and writing services